Skills for Youth

Skills for Youth works at the policy level to incubate and replicate successful approaches to improving skills development for young people.


Skills for Youth is a part of a larger program called MEGA-SkY (Minority Education for Grown and Advancement - Skills for Youth).

MEGA-SkY’s focus is to create educational and skill-building opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth in four states of India (Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh).

What It Is

Partnering with the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s Directorate of Adult Education, SkY integrates blended life skills and self-employment training programs into select Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) centers.

SkY also partners with the State Council for Education, Research and Training (SCERT) Delhi and Bihar to equip guidance counselors and teachers to provide career guidance and exploration interventions to students in classes 7 through 10.

What We Did

  • Develop/secure resources in the form of teaching-learning material for the delivery of career exploration and guidance services to students
  • Build capacity and transfer skills for the effective use of these teaching-learning materials, within a school setting
  • Demonstrate and institutionalize an effective model of career exploration and guidance
  • Offer career counseling, vocational guidance and career planning exercises to orient disadvantaged youth in understanding their aptitudes, personality, interests and abilities
  • Provide interventions in career orientation that will link dropouts or students at risk of dropping out and looking for immediate job opportunities to appropriate skill training programs offered by various government and non government institutions
  • Engage with central and state governments to integrate career guidance into their existing program on skills development for youth
  • Advocate for its application by Government institutions and NGOs that support under-served young people

Who We Reached

Life Skills for Employability

  • 4 States - Delhi, Rajasthan , Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
  • Across 30 JSS
  • 60 program officers and assistant program officers trained
  • 2230 youth reached

Self employment for JSS

  • 7 JSS staff members trained on self employment reaching out to 140 youth

Career Development in Schools

  • Undertaken in 35 schools
  • 47 career counselors and teachers trained
  • Reached out to 2,447 students


  • 4States
  • 30 JSS
  • 60Program officers
  • 2,230Youth
  • 35Schools
  • 47Counselors and Teachers
  • 2,447Students