Promoting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) For Children

This initiative, called Project Sampoorna, is set to integrate the School Health and Wellness Programme (SHWP) curriculum in govt. schools across 19 districts in Jharkhand, impacting 100,000 students.



46% of the population in Jharkhand lives in some dimension of poverty. According the National Family Health Survey [NFHS-4], between 2016 and 2017, there has been a 73.9% increase in crimes against children in Jharkhand. In addition to this, as of 2020, there are 5.2 million orphans in eastern region who are more susceptible to violence, neglect and abuse [from: The Situation of Adolescents in Jharkhand by Dasra]

To reduce the toll these realities take on children and adolescents, we have partnered with the government of Jharkhand to embed Women, Culture and Development [WCD] approaches into education policy and practice, create safe and joyful learning environments, and foster children's development, build safeguards and prioritize children’s well-being.

Project Sampoorna focuses on the social and emotional aspects to ensure children are healthy, safe, engaged and equipped with skills for long-term success in education, career and civic life. The project is designed to enable students to build emotional resilience, solve complex problems effectively, strive for growth, and have positive social interactions.

To foster holistic change, project Sampoorna will engage at three levels: the educator / teacher, the school and larger education system, with support from govt. education functionaries.

A consortium of partners support state-wide implementation of this project through 4 key tracks:


  • 100,000Students gain SEL skills
  • 30,000Teachers trained under MHRD's curriculum
  • 230Block Level Officials driving SEL initiatives
  • 150 State and District Resource Group members