Prevocational Digital Content

A project to provide life skills education, career exploration, pre-vocational and employability skills to youth in Mumbai and Hyderabad.


What It Is

The available and effective use of educational technology is critical to improving the quality and relevance of learning.

Quest Alliance and CAP Foundation, with support from Alcatel Lucent Foundation and International Youth Foundation, designed and implemented a computer-assisted learning model.

The rapid development and spread of affordable technologies create the opportunity to reach new segments of educationally under-served youth, and provide them with high-quality educational content. At the same time, it is important that these technologies are appropriate, pedagogically sound and cost-effective.

Thirteen pre-vocational and vocational skills training centers based on the Teen Channel (pre-vocational training) and ESTP (Employment Skills Training Program) models were established in Mumbai.

What We Did

Quest Alliance supported CAP foundation in the identification and development of career exploration modules integrated with academic subjects for in-school programs to address challenges in the pre vocational spectrum.

Twenty academic concepts were identified from Social Studies, General Science, Mathematics and English for integration that would lend themselves to digitization leading to better understanding for students in classes 6, 7, 8 and 9. This content was used to orient and educate adolescents from government schools and CAP Teen Channel Centres.

Quest Alliance is exploring various ways to integrate prevocational digital content to its existing program on youth employability. These courses culminate in either job placement or enrolment into an advanced education program.

What We Did

  • Piloted in 13 pre-vocational and vocational skills training centers based on the Teen Channel (pre vocational training) and ESTP (Employment Skills Training Program) Model
  • 4,545 youth aged 12-21 got trained on life skills education, career exploration and employability skills. This includes 990 (Boys = 398, Girls= 592) adolescents of Teen channel (in-school and out of school)
  • 3,555 youths got trained in the employability training centres (1,730 male and 1,825 female) on various vocational skills and life skills
  • 48 trainers and teachers were trained to use prevocational content


  • 13Skills Training Centers
  • 4,545Youth
  • 12-21aged
  • 48Trainers and Teachers