Equip Youth

Increase employability among disadvantaged youth through improved life and technical skills, internships, on-the-job training, increased job placement support and capacity building.


What It Is

A global initiative of the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the Caterpillar Foundation, EquipYouth spanned 12 countries and was implemented over three years (January 2012-December 2014) by Quest Alliance in India. 

Language capabilities, technical skills and soft skills need to be improved to lift the barriers to youth employment. EquipYouth in India seeks to provide hundreds of young people technical skills training combined with a holistic life skills program and English language training.

What We Did

Through the EquipYouth program, QUEST Alliance:

  • Works with Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) that provide trade-based training to youth, primarily from economically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Provides youth with the employability skills (career orientation, workplace readiness, life skills and English language training) necessary to find decent employment and stay in those jobs

Followed by a needs assessment at the ITIs to tailor its employability skills curriculum, Quest Alliance developed tools, curricula, and capacity building methods for ITIs in and around Bangalore.


The EquipYouth program methodology included:

  • A blended learning approach for English language learning.
  • Activity-based sessions using stories and role-playing for learning life skills.
  • Career board games that allowed students to reflect upon possible career choices and their implications.
  • Industry engagement and exposure through visits and guest lectures.
  • Placement guidance support to students.


  • Building strategic relationships with ITIs to develop training and create long-term placement/hiring platforms.
  • Adopting ITIs and other training institutes through company CSR engagements to increase volunteerism and provide financial stability to programs.

Who We Reached

  • 11 ITIs in and around Bangalore partnered with the program
  • 37 trainers were supported to enhance and assist teaching and facilitation
  • 8 to 10 industry guest lectures and visits organized with Larsen & Toubro, and Bangalore Metro Corp.
  • 1101 students benefitted from the blended learning content, and career guidance module and Industry exposure and visits.
  • Workplace Readiness Skills for a better professional attitude
  • Career progression and growth for more informed placement choices by students
  • Communication Skills for higher self esteem
  • Life Skills for increased self-confidence
  • The creation of employees who understand responsibilities, are disciplined, and stay long enough to grow in their jobs


  • 11ITIs
  • 37Trainers
  • 10Industry
  • 1,101Students