MasterCoach Is Open For 2017 Applications


The MasterCoach program is inviting applications for 2017!

MasterCoach is a 5-month online certification program that is aimed at building 21st century trainers. 

The MasterCoach program is designed to support trainers and educators in their professional growth by building skills, peer network, and accessing teaching tools that are unique and can be customized to support different learning environments.

This program combines the power of experiential and online learning to build a trainer's capacity to teach better. The four modules focus on the thinking, doing and being of a trainer, enabling them to create meaningful learning experiences. 

For a sneak peek into the MasterCoach experience, watch the video below: 

The requirements to enroll onto the MasterCoach program are:

  • Basic proficiency in English
  • Minimum 1 year of training experience
  • 4-6 hours of internet access in a week
  • Commitment to attend a 3-day foundation workshop 

If you are passionate about growing in your role as a facilitator and you meet the requirements mentioned above, please fill in the application form here to begin your application process for the MasterCoach program! 

MasterCoach has certified 71 trainers in four years who work in NGOs, ITIs, and Vocational Training Centres in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and supported by 11 organizations in the above states.

To hear the voices of those who have graduated from the program, watch the video below to meet our MasterCoach alumni:

If you would like a glimpse of the great sense of accomplishment at the MasterCoach Cohort III graduation ceremony, click on the link below to witness the proud moment of 24 graduating trainers!

To know more, visit our MasterCoach webpage! To ask us any questions you may have, e-mail us at and we'll be happy to speak to you!