Workshop on Community Media in Schools

22 – 24 Jun 2009
Centre For Environment Education, Gujarat, India


The Workshop on Community Media in Schools is an opportunity to discuss the impact that the community can have upon education, through the use of media tools. For two days, the workshop participants discussed two major objectives:

  • The role that community can play in education and
  • The role that media can play in education

This discussion focused on Videoshala - a project that Quest Alliance developed and implemented in 194 schools. It is a set of 24 videos that cover various classroom subjects. Through these videos, we aim to inculcate values such as democracy, citizenship and diversity.

For the Videoshala project, over 100 members of the community were trained on video production, classroom facilitation, instructional design and teaching techniques.

Quest Alliance operates on a vision to involve members of the community in the education of youth. Through this workshop, members of the community have a hand in shaping the education of young people and raising responsible young adults.