Symposiums on Education Technology

20 – 22 Aug 2008
Bengaluru, India,


Can technology be used to strengthen the quality of education?

In our quest to determine how technology can improve education, we hosted a 3-day symposium that focused on the relationship between technology and education.

The conference brought together students, academicians and leaders of industries who:

  • Discussed the current use of education technology
  • Reviewed case studies
  • Discussed possible hurdles
  • and concluded with a framework to incorporate technology into education and a structure for assessing future progress

Education Technology is an area that is widely discussed as an approach to solve the existing deficiencies in education. The research, discussion, and strategies that we engaged in was a step forward in implementing education technology in Indian classrooms.

Dr. A.K. Jalaluddin

NEEV (Network of Enterprising Educational Ventures)

“Any reform must try to bring quality to the poorest of the poor. It should be done on a very large scale with hundreds and thousands of schools participating in a celebration of learning of a new kind.”