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Kokila’s biggest difficulty is a rather peculiar one. This 32-year-old struggles to sit idle and is happiest when she is kept busy. Now, as the Founder of Priya Online Business, she says nothing is difficult anymore.

Kokila was introduced to the idea of  online reselling using the Meesho app in the Young Entrepreneurs Program, a 15-day entrepreneurship training program that she enrolled in while doing a basic cosmetology course at the ITI. Now 9 months into the reselling business, she says that the success for any business is to aim for low investment and high returns. The reselling platform allows her to do just that.

“The Quest Alliance team taught me how to start and run my own business. They were the ones who motivated me and encouraged me to try it out,” she says. “Today, if I am making significant profits without any heavy investments, it is because they taught me how to go about it.”

Her husband offers support during delivery and other logistics and Kokila believes that if she continues to have the same margins, the day isn’t far when she will be able to open her own small provisional store.

See Kokila’s Products here – Link to her Meesho App page