Middle Schools

The Anandshala programme, currently in Samastipur in Bihar and Deoghar in Jharkhand, works with a district-level transformation approach to develop schools into joyful and inclusive learning spaces, to ensure every child stays in, engages with and learns in school.

Girl Champions to Cascade Change

An important part of the Anandshala program is the initiation of Youth Clubs where adolescent girls come together to participate in learning activities to enhance their agency, skills and knowledge. These clubs are managed by Girl Champions from the same community, thereby becoming role models for others. Master Champions are then selected from this group of facilitators who are equipped to cascade learning and leadership to other Girl Champions in the community. As of today, over 200 Girl Champions are being trained by 25 Master Champions, thus creating a model of local community support for increased program sustainability. 


Training of Girls Champions on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights [SRHR] at Sarwan, Deoghar

District Resource Groups support district-wide implementation

In an attempt to foster a responsive education system and increase long-term sustainability, District Resource Groups (DRGs) were created to enhance the capacity of the Anandshala program. DRG members constitute one person from each block, in concurrence with the District Education Department. These education functionaries have demonstrated impact in their respective blocks and are often seen as role models in the community. The Anandshala team helped develop their capacity and co-constructed a vision to create 600 models schools in Samastipur over the next three years. On a similar note, the Deoghar team plans to revive the Parivartan Dal team formed by the state in each district. 


DRG members during a vision-building workshop


DRG member during a planning session

Bal Sansad: Fostering Student Changemakers 

Student members from over 100 model schools designed and implemented change projects in their respective schools, and shared knowledge and impact during block-level meets called Bal Sansad Gosthi. The Quest team conducted workshops with these student changemakers to capture and share innovations around digital storytelling, with a focus on 21st century skills like communication and articulation. The students notably showcased the impact of the Bal Sansad processes in their communities, its impact on students and the education ecosystem, and their aspirations for the future of their schools. 



“One of our change projects was a monthly journal called Baal Akhbar. It includes creative works by children such as stories, arts, academic updates, announcements, and helps us get larger visibility”

Anita Kumari, Prime Minister, Bal Sansad, Upgraded Middle School Chakarman Paharpur, Patori.