The MasterCoach program for educators is an in-service, professional development educator certification program that equips them with 21st-century facilitation skills. It uses a blended-learning approach of digital and experiential learning. The program specifically ensures that educators develop stronger pedagogical skills for better classroom engagement, have 21st-century classroom management skills to improve student-level outcomes, build a professional peer network, and develop the skills and attitude necessary to design self-learning pathways within the institution.

Cascade Training Model for deeper engagement

As part of a larger collaboration with state education departments, and in an attempt to scale up our Train-the-Trainer intervention, a cascade model of MasterCoach was designed. Quest Alliance directly worked with a cadre of Master Trainers, who then cascade this training to others within their own institutions or regions. This model, similar to the cascade type intervention in the Anandshala program, allows for deeper engagement with principals and leaders of institutions as well as state departments. It also helps in the facilitation of employability and pedagogical skills. 

Cascade model

A MasterCoach alumni from our Gujarat cohort sharing her experiences 

MasterCoach is now available in Hindi and Gujarati

MasterCoach, our blended learning model for professional trainer development, is now available in Hindi, Gujarati and English. These courses are available on QuestApp and give trainers the flexibility of choosing only the online aspects which combine all synchronous and asynchronous elements.


MasterCoaches at the Aravali College of Engineering, Delhi



MasterCoach participants reimagining their teaching methodologies by collaborative learning


Inspiring Self-learning
with Trainer Tribe

Trainer Tribe is a digital learning community of educators to ideate, share educational resources, research, insights, events and conferences related to 21st-century facilitation skills. Through this network, members access masterclasses, exchange knowledge and expertise, broadcast classroom sessions live, and inspire each other, with an intent to build self-learning characteristics in educators. So far, the program has conducted 24 trainer-led masterclasses, with 1945 Trainer Tribe subscribers in 19 countries.

1945 subscribers in
19 countries


"My aim is to make every student in my classroom realize their potential, that they may not even be aware of sometimes. After the ToT, I’m using different approaches to encourage students to push their boundaries, come out of their comfort zones and enrich their skills."

Prof. Archana M.K.
Assistant Professor, S.E.A College of Engineering (SEACET)