Quest Experience Lab

Keeping our users at the core, the Quest Experience Lab uses technology as an enabler. We leverage data to make more informed decisions and identify new possibilities to craft engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Engagement with SDIT Haryana

45,000 learners from the SDIT - Haryana ITI ecosystem were onboarded onto the Quest App in early 2020. Quest played a crucial role in driving this engagement. Daily reports on registrations and access, as well as district-wise and trade-wise information, were provided to the Director-General, SDIT, who worked alongside other key stakeholders, such as principals and trainers, to encourage learners to explore and engage with the Quest App content.

Imparting Life Skills through blended-learning

Over the past year, our team conducted intensive research, workshops and interviews with learners and trainers across the country to put together a mobile-friendly, learner facing Life Skills toolkit. In addition to creating the toolkit in English, we also adopted a unique translation strategy, that was tested with learners across geographies, to translate the toolkit in a meaningful manner. Facilitators too were given equal importance by providing detailed facilitator manuals and videos that guide them on how to learn and teach the course. This toolkit has impacted 5700+ learners and 137 trainers to date.

Engineering a self-learning mindset among learners

Earlier this year, the Quest Experience Lab began working with Fractal Analytics, a behavioural science firm, to arrive at a design direction to engineer a self-learning mindset among learners in Quest’s blended-learning ecosystem. A Self-learning mindset triggers curiosity and seeking behaviour, whereby every opportunity is viewed as a learning moment. This self- learning mindset can be engineered by designing to “Onboard”, “Motivate”, “Engage” and “Sustain” learners across Quest blended learning touchpoints both in classroom and online.

The Journey of Quest App

The evolution of our learning platform and how it came to be from the first digital toolkit to what is now a full-fledged learning platform which allows learners to not only consume content but do so much more.

Introduction to Life Skills

Take a look at a video introducing facilitators to the new learner facing Life Skills toolkit for them to start implementing it with their students. 

"What is unique about Quest App is the quality of content, which is great. We work with other skilling partners who conduct online sessions but the mode of delivery is still a lecture method."

Trainer, Pune City Connect