We are living in a world that is changing at a pace never before seen in human history. We are redefining what it means to be human as new technologies transform every aspect of our lives—from the personal to the professional.

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Quest’s mission is to transform learning ecosystems through education technology, capacity building, and collaboration to build 21st-century skills for learners and facilitators. Our goal is to impact 4 million learners by 2023.

A strategic 4E framework was devised to help Quest achieve its mission and address the key barriers faced by young people in public education and in the unorganized sector.

We created our impact framework to define our long term impact indicators.


(Energising and Enabling) learners and educators to build 21st-century skills and integrate them in their local environments by energizing demand and building awareness on self-learning, and enabling learners, educators, institutions and other organizations with tools and processes for creating learning environments


partnerships with government, civil society and business to scale models of self-learning for 21st-century skills, and facilitate ‘anytime-anywhere learning’.


advocacy alliances of thought leaders for mainstreaming self-learning for 21st-century skills.


in building robust systems, culture and leadership to scale impact.

Progress Against Goals

Chart showing Our Progress against goals

Organisation Architecture

Chart showing the organisation architecture

As a 21st-century organisation, we have strived to build a networked organisational model that is interconnected, collaborative, diverse and where the impact of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This design is inspired by the idea of metamorphosis, represented by the butterfly at the centre for our organisational model. This stands for our spirit of being ready for growth and change, through evolving and adapting to the rapidly changing external and internal environments, and future trends. The two wings of the butterfly represent our two key functions of Strategy & Organisational Leadership (SOL) and Institutional Development (ID), manifesting our vision and values.

Leadership and Culture

We spent significant time in the last year building alignment between the organisational, team and individual goals for a total of 10 teams and 170 individuals to come together and see the big picture. We reimagined our employee learning & development and recognition system that celebrates diversity and provides opportunities to grow through self-directed journeys. We actively nurture a self-learning culture at Quest to enable transparency and decentralised decision making and create a value-based approach to our work.

2019-20 at Quest Alliance saw a dedicated effort being made towards nurturing leadership at Quest and its civil society partner network. We identified 20 leaders as part of the Emerging Leaders Program to develop perspectives, skills and attitudes around leadership and self-learning; to have more leaders who are self-aware and can locate their organisations within the changing socio-economic environment.

Our hope is to develop a network of these leaders as self-learners that go on to build regenerative cultures within their own organisations that foster learning, collaboration in the school to work spectrum while keeping the interests of their key constituencies at the heart of their work.

COVID-19 Response

As the year 19-20 drew to a close, COVID-19 made us re-imagine the way we worked - internally and externally. As an organisation, various measures were taken to continue the impact we have been making;

Organisational Resilience:
Scenario planning was carried out across the organisation, possible challenges/ risks were outlined and mitigation strategies were worked upon early in the year. All program budgets were re-forecasted in the light of reduced expenditure on physical events/workshops and re-purposed to areas of need like access to digital devices and internet. 

The financial health of the organisation was re-evaluated given the looming slow economy. Decisions were taken to curtail expenses on areas like rents and diverted to other initiatives like covid-insurance for employees, safety kits for staff etc. 

People policies were adapted for employees to not only work for home, but access to devices, internet and comfortable infrastructure was provided. We realised the mental distress that Covid-19 caused and a mental health helpline was started by Quest Alliance for all its employees. 

Pivoting our work on the ground:
We envisaged that formal spaces for learning - schools, colleges, ITI’s, polytechnics would continue to remain shut for some time to come. It was imperative to continue learning for children and young people, who otherwise would completely drop out of the education cycle.

Across our work, we pivoted models to deliver remote learning - be it through digital content on Quest App, bite-sized learning on WhatsApp or where connectivity was an issue - through Interactive Voice Response Systems. It brought to the fore the huge digital divide there in the country, which gets further aggravated with women having lesser access to the phone.

As an organisation, Quest Alliance has believed and invested in technology for close to a decade. This philosophy helped us move our models from classrooms to laptops and phones. Through the year we also worked on addressing the mental health concerns of our learners and bridging the digital divide - something we will continue to do as we foresee long term effects of the pandemic.


Where Our Money Comes From
Donors Amount (%)
IBM 218,879,335 35.53
Accenture India 108,607,339 17.63
JP Morgan 43,267,000 7.02
Cisco 27,866,800 4.52
Fidelity Foundations 24,713,500 4.01
HSBC 23,350,800 3.79
Bank of America 22,100,000 3.59
Impact Foundation India (Dasra) 29,007,226 4.71
Dalit Foundation 20,000,000 3.25
Aricent Technologies Ltd 9,733,822 1.58
Max Foundation 7,000,000 1.14
Charity Aid Foundation India 6,412,000 1.04
Selco Foundation 6,200,000 1.01
Dalyan Foundation 4,700,641 0.76
Sanjeev Prasad 4,000,000 0.65
GMSP Foundation 3,026,000 0.49
VIP Industries Ltd 3,000,000 0.49
HANS Foundation 2,572,499 0.42
Linkedin 2,200,000 0.36
UNDP 1,776,379 0.29
AMD India Pvt Ltd 1,712,600 0.28
Godrej 1,072,640 0.17
International Youth Foundation 1,008,141 0.16
Nasscom Foundation 925,955 0.15
Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation 114,000 0.02
Individual Donations 573,025 0.09
Bank Interest 10,834,064 1.76
Other Income 31,371,562 5.09
TOTAL 616,025,328 100.00
Where Our Money Goes
Salaries & benefits 104,752,378 24.05
Program Expenses 96,527,524 22.16
Sub Grant 113,665,118 26.09
Travel 28,831,962 6.62
International Travel 466,449 0.11
Training & Workshops 30,144,620 6.92
Operations and Equipment Costs 28,621,687 6.57
Assets acquired 29,622,787 6.80
Administrative Expense 2,963,052 0.68
TOTAL 435,595,578 100.00
Income & Expenditure
Grants, Donations and Contributions 573,025
Interest Income 10,255,142
Education and Training Income 31,371,562
Transfer from Specified Grant Fund (Foreign) 109,310,455
Transfer from Specified Grant Fund (Local) 291,496,485
TOTAL 443,006,669


Programme Expense 29,758
Overhead and Administration Cost 12,347,410
Project Expenditure (Foreign Grant) 106,474,450
Project Expenditure (Local Grant) 287,121,174
Depreciation 3,524,789
Excess of Income over Expenditure 33,509,088
TOTAL 443,006,669
Balance Sheet 2019-20
Capital Fund 20,901,261
General Fund 19,673,918
Specified Fund 272,439,965
Corpus Fund 16,614
Current Liabilities 6,368,514
TOTAL 319,400,272


Fixed Assets 37,242,843
Investments 169,510,738
Current Assets 7,746,294
Cash & Bank Balances 104,900,397
TOTAL 319,400,272
Accountability & Transparency

The executive leadership team is responsible for strategy, budgets and results and reports to the advisory board & trustees. The role of the board is to ensure that the activities are aimed at realizing the mission of the organization in line with the strategic long term plan and review the progress being made against the annual plan on a quarterly basis. They also approve the audited financial statement and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Quest Alliance has complied with provisions relating to the constitution of internal complaints committee under the Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.

The Trustees met 3 times in the year 2019-2020 on May 27th 2019, September 13th 2019 and January 15th to 17th- 2020.

Distribution of staff according to salary levels and gender break-up
Salary Range March 31st 2020

Salary Range March 31st 2020 Female Male Gender non-binary Total
10,000 to 50,000 52 49 1 102
50,0001 to 100,000 21 32 0 53
100001 to 150,000 3 4 0 7
150,000 and above 5 6 0 11
81 91 1 173


Statutory auditors:
Phillipos and Company, #47, M - Floor, Wheeler Road, Coxtown, Bangalore 560005

IDBI Bank Limited, IDBI House, No: 58, Mission Road, Bangalore - 560 027Statutory auditors: Phillipos and Company, No: 47, M - Floor, Wheeler Road, Coxtown, Bangalore - 560 005

Quest Alliance is registered under the Indian Registration Act BNG(U)-VRT-BK IV 187/2008-09 registered on 20/10/2008.

Quest Alliance is registered under 12A of the income tax act 1961. Our 80G certificate is renewed under the number DIT(E)BLR/80G/129/AAATQ0135G/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2010-2011.

Quest Alliance is registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. Registration no. 094421483 dated 02/03/2012 to receive foreign contributions. It is renewed vide MHA 094421483 dated 02 March 2012 valid till 01 March 2022.

Executive Leadership Team


Aakash Sethi

Managing Trustee


Abhijeet Mehta
(1981 - 2020)

Chief Operating Officer 


Amitav Nath

Associate Director


Ashutosh Tosaria

Director - Youth Programs
Tenure Completed in May 2020


Deepika Singh

Education Specialist


Inka Dama

Senior Marketing & Communication Manager


Jayashree Vyasarajan 

Associate Director Research


Namrata Agarwal

Senior Manager
Business Development


Neha Parti

Associate Director Secondary School


Nikita Bengani

Associate Director
Quest Experience Lab


Shalini Menon

Associate Director Capacity Building


Sylvia Priyanthi

Associate Director People and Operations


Tanvi Negi

Impact Manager


Thirumalpad Venugopal

Finance, Administration & IT

Advisory Board


Aashu Calappa / Male

Human Resources Leader


Arvind Lodaya / Male

Design Educator & Innovation Leader


Dipta Bhog / Female

Founder, Nirantar, A Centre for Gender and Education


Kapil Das / Male

Independent Filmmaker


Nagesh Alai / Male

Board Chair
Former Group Chairman, FCB ULKA


Sanjay Anandaram / Male

Startup Mentor, Advisor to funds, companies and organizations


Vikas Goswami / Female

CSR & Sustainability Leader