Keeping Sparks Of Hope Alive

Back in 2012, T.N. Thanvi joined a Govt. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) under the MyQuest program. Today, she is employed at the Baiyappanahalli Metro Station in Bangalore and hopes to move to a managerial role someday.


Some of Thanvi’s earliest memories as a child are of her uncle toiling away at his electrical shop and her father farming. She would see him fixing fans and lights, and her father harvesting rice and ragi.

Thanvi’s father, an agricultural laborer, had borrowed money from people in the village to make ends meet and debt had mounted. He could not afford a roof over his head and went to live with his brother - an electrician. The children grew up at the uncle’s house, while their father attempted to pay the debts. 

In class 12, Thanvi decided to work to help clear the debt and support her siblings who continued to go to school.

She learned that studying a course at an Industrial Training Institute would help in acquiring a job, so she enrolled at the Govt. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bellary, in 2012. She opted for the Electrical course, and while the choice surprised many, her father and uncle were immensely supportive. 

“I used to ask my uncle at least 100 questions a day about the working of electrical lines, bulbs and fans. It was only right that I pursued my interest,” she adds, excitedly.

In Thanvi’s class at the Govt. ITI, there were only seven girls, many of whom did not continue in the field after the course. However, Thanvi continued to pursue hers with the support of her teachers and family members.

At the ITI course, Thanvi enjoyed all the classes. “I felt like I was living my childhood dream. I was learning something new everyday,” she recalls. The Employability Skills classes, especially career readiness, were very useful, she adds. “I use lessons like communication skills, etc. from that module at my job even today.”

After completing the course, she joined as an apprentice at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited for a period of eight months. Nearly a year later, she attempted an examination and was employed by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) in the station electrical department.

The role involved electrical maintenance of a metro station - including light fixtures, air conditioning, display screens, entry and exit gates. 

There aren’t too many women who do this job, Thanvi confides. “Other women who work at the station always check on me to make sure I am safe.”

Thanvi worked in this department for the past four years. Not only did she help close her father’s debts, she also encouraged her siblings to work hard and get good grades. With Thanvi’s support, her two brothers acquired diplomas and are working. One sister works at a garment factory and another is a police constable in Tumkur.

Her parents are now retired and live with relatives in Bellary while all the children live in Bengaluru.

In March 2022, Thanvi was transferred to the train maintenance department at the Baiyappanahalli Metro Station. Her job now involves checking the functioning of the metro rails, its brakes and other important parts. There are less than three women at the station doing this role.

There are protective measures in place to ensure that the technicians are safe as they do their jobs. “These equipment ensure that we do not need to be anxious,” Thanvi says.

Thanvi is now undergoing training to learn metro rail maintenance. She hopes to work hard and be promoted to a supervisory role someday. “That is my professional dream. I also want to build a house where my parents can live comfortably,” she says. 

For us as an organization, it is great to witness young people pursue their careers. It is truly a humbling experience to be a part of their journey.


Thanvi was part of our MyQuest Program between 2012-2014 under the Skills to Succeed initiative supported by Accenture. 

The Skills to Succeed initiative is about supporting and empowering people to take on the shifting workforce landscape. They focus on preparing young people for a more sustainable future. The project is spread across 7 states - Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Since 2012, we have upskilled 175,000 young people in Industrial Training Institutes and Vocational Training Institutes.

T.N. Thanvi

Alumni, ITI Bellary

“I felt like I was living my childhood dream. I was learning something new everyday [at the ITI]. The Employability Skills classes, especially career readiness were very useful. I use lessons from that module at my job even today.”