How Teaching Led Asha To Become An Emerging Leader!

Asha K. began her teaching journey in her teens, as a personality development trainer, inspired by her mother. Since then, she has evolved as an educator. Today she has been selected to be part of a professional development course uniquely designed to build capacities and develop organizational leadership skills. But, this was no easy road.


Asha K., is a placement officer at Careship, one of Quest Alliance’s implementing civil society organization partners in Bengaluru. The inspiration to teach came from her mother, who trains young girls as well.

“I saw my mother do it since I was a young girl, and facilitating came naturally to me,” she says. 

Her first training role was at a summer camp where she taught fun games and activities to children. “They refused to allow me to train since I, myself, was a young student. When I was in Class 8, I convinced them to allow me to train young children and thus my training years began,” she says with a smile. 

Soon, she was training 13 to 14 year-old kids in personality development. All was going well until she failed Class 12. Her family was unhappy but proposed the idea of marriage as a solution. “My family has this unspoken rule. Both my sisters were married off when they failed Class 12,” she says. She convinced her parents to wait for a few more years and decided to study facilitation for vocational training institutes.

“The manager of the center where I was studying was also a member of Careship, and he suggested that I join here as a computer course trainer.”

Asha realized at the Careship that she had to be a continuous learner to keep up with the changing times. It was a challenge for her to teach students over the age of 18. Careship helped her upskill in counseling and life skills training. 

In 2018, Quest Alliance partnered with Careship and has since provided various avenues for her to upskill. She has attended over five residential Training of Trainers and various workshops organized by Quest Alliance.

“The ‘why’ of my job was clear then. I knew how to mobilize students, find out why they are not interested in taking up a job if they say so and it changed how I work,” she says.

“I was very technologically challenged,” Asha confesses. During the COVID-19 lockdown, her careship was forced to go online, and had to adapt to virtual mobilization, training and placements. Trainings provided by Quest Alliance on Zoom helped her navigate it. “We have now come to the point where we conduct hybrid classes, which are both online and offline,” she says. 

She completed MasterCoach, an online professional development program for educators by Quest Alliance. She also applied for the Emerging Leaders Program and was selected for it! The Emerging Leaders Program is an initiative in association with HSBC, that enables future leaders to empower youth and children against indigence and live life with dignity.

“With all these learnings, I hope to start a training center of my own someday,” she says. Although Asha's name means "hope," it is her tenacity and zeal that truly embody it.


Asha K.

Placement Officer, Careship

Digital access was a big issue for me. But then I learnt along the way, as well. Now I’m able to access a lot of things digitally and technically.