Empowering Educators To Build 21st Century Classrooms

We are on a mission to improve educator engagement and capacity building techniques by facilitating cross-learning throughout Quest's various programs.


Since 2009, we are driving key initiatives for the professional development of educators with the broader objective of: 

- Embracing learner centric, blended-learning-based pedagogy 

- Helping students with self-learning

- Strengthening relationships between students and teachers

- Adopting technology and online facilitation to design 21st-century classrooms


Since 2009, we have approximately trained 30,000 educators.


Impact Studies: How does training educators have an impact on students and their learning experiences?


In an independent study carried out with educators who participated in Quest Alliance’s MasterCoach programme, it was found that more proportion of MasterCoach educators are using online sources, engaging students by experiential learning and creating working groups. 



Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) are not the first choice of students. They are already not motivated and as educators, we have to work very hard to keep them engaged. After undergoing the MasterCoach program, I can see a visible difference in the way the educators are focusing more on practical skills and participatory method of teaching. It is certainly helping students gain more interest in what they are being taught.”

Deepti B Karawadara, ITI Mahila Maninangar



Intervention with Department of Skill Development and Industrial Training, (SDIT) Haryana 

We conducted a post implementation study that reached nearly 2,200+ ITI trainers in Haryana who had participated in our educator development program. The study revealed:

Out of these 61%:

Schools Program

In a recent impact evaluation using standardized tests carried out of our school intervention program in Bihar, it was found that students from intervention schools performed better on Numeracy and Literacy assessments as compared to non-intervention schools.



A growing number of organizations and institutions are looking to build 21st century skills in young people. In a rapidly moving environment, young learners look towards their teachers to help them develop the necessary skills needed to succeed at a workplace.

We have been fortunate enough to have contributed towards this endeavor to enhance educators’ mastery, agency and purpose with the support of our partners: Capgemini, Dasra, Nisum, Project Sampoorna, AIF, Yuva Chintana Foundation, NIIT Foundation, HDRC, Cohesion Foundation Trust, Restless Foundation, Patang, NEAID, Amyaa, Youth Net, IBM, Navjeevan Trust and Child Aid.