Championing Life Skills for Young People Across India

Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is a collaborative of 18 organisations with multi-sectoral expertise, which aims to build a life skills-focused learning ecosystem for young people through an on-ground outreach program.


The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is building a life skills platform to support government agencies and educational institutions in the transformation of India’s learning ecosystem. The Collaborative, through various on-ground initiatives, is working to deepen the understanding of life skills, design learning tools that nurture life skills, and develop context-relevant assessments to measure progress, share learnings, and inform system change in India.  

LSC aims to help organisations, institutions and government agencies in transforming the learning ecosystem through the following tracks.


LSC is building awareness in the area of life skills in India by listening to Voices of different stakeholders on their needs and understanding aspirations. This will ensure that LSC’s provisions match the aspirations of the community and provide inputs which can drive government engagement and action. Over the 3 years, LSC will capture insights from 200,000 stakeholders i.e young people, teachers and parents, in more than ten languages across 10+ Indian states.  


LSC’s Life Skills Glossary is a repository of 51 comprehensively defined sets of skills, developed for the Indian context. The Glossary is necessary for providing a common vocabulary for the life skills ecosystem and accelerating the conversation around making life skills a part of mainstream education for India’s young people. 

The LSC India Glossary was developed based on the mapping of 26 frameworks done by the EASEL Lab at Harvard University. The India Glossary of Life Skills is contextualised for India and defines 51 Life Skills along with listing how the Life Skill is manifested in individuals, related Life Skills and what it is known as in different languages. 

LSC’s Glossary will be available in Hindi, Marathi and Mizo by July 2022. 

Assessment Tools

LSC is working on developing robust assessment tools focusing on adolescents, teachers, and the system. The assessment tools for adolescents will focus on future-readiness and well-being of these young adults. We are also working on developing tools that will enable State Governments to measure teacher and system readiness to implement Life Skill related interventions within their states.

These tools are being developed and contextualised in 3 languages. And, are being piloted with 40,000 adolescents, 1,000 teachers and 250 government officials in 18 districts across 4 states. 

Ecosystem Support

The Life Skills Collaborative is currently supported in its various efforts by a varied number of stakeholders:

18 Organisations

4 state governments

40,000 students

1,000 teachers

250 government officials