Our Vision

With more than half the population under the age of 25, India is capable of great agility. But a disconnected education and employment sector leaves many youth unemployed or under-employed. What skills do youth need to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century?


The clear shift in how people think learning should happen has garnered a momentum to try new methods and approaches that are centred on the learner. Technology is enabling youth to learn and stay connected, and has the power to bridge the education system and the opportunities of our emerging economy.

At Quest, we understand that building a teacher's capacity makes classrooms engaging. And engaging classrooms makes for empowered learners. We recognize that only by involving educators, civil society, industry and the government, can we create environments conducive to self-learning, so that today’s youth can find and create purpose for themselves. It makes our effort scalable and adaptable. 

Our Vision

Our vision is that ten years from now, people will see Quest as a space for creative freedom; a place where learners are nurtured. By identifying training needs, coaching opportunities and career planning (up, sideways or out) we hope to form that unique space. We want to use our learners’ dreams to set our goals, and constantly forge new paths to get there. 


Quest encourages self-driven learning for life, which is the result of experiences and reflection. Through knowledge creation, multi-stakeholder partnerships and capacity building, we aim to revolutionize learning experiences and systems globally to transform individuals. Our learner-centric approach is the cornerstone of everything we do.

  • We provide learning pathways within existing educational institutions to help young people understand and access options to lead lives of dignity and begin the journey of lifelong learning.
  • We empower teachers with the freedom and opportunity to learn in their own way, and support them for effective teaching.
  • We foster an environment that enables all stakeholders to excel individually and support each other fully for deeper and greater impact.

We build our experiences and materials around a defined framework. How each individual grows, develops self-awareness, finds purpose and engages meaningfully with the community are the fixed points of that framework, and they are also the pathway to success in the 21st century.


Life Skills: Nurturing adaptation; balancing individual identity with relationships to the greater social fabric.

Language Literacy: Free and informed expression; learning how to articulate and share thoughts and opinions.

Career Skills: Focusing on choices and decision-making; exploring opportunities, community services, service and learning.

Digital Literacy: Forging connections; accessing information to form links and bonds in the larger community.

Entrepreneurship: Developing an enterprising attitude; understanding how to take risks and solve problems creatively.


Our Approach

Quest’s multi-pronged perspective, when fed back into the system, has a cascading effect. Our approach empowers the educator, builds a creative learning environment, and engages the community.

  • We work closely with educators to bring about a mind-shift from teaching to facilitation through peer learning and data driven decision-making systems.
  • We use innovative toolkits that are scalable and financially sustainable, to structure experiential and balanced models of learning, integrating technology as a powerful tool.
  • We create continuous access to tools and strategies that help with student engagement and are used for trainer training, robust evaluation tools, and online support.

The Dream of Quest:


  • 10 Events
  • 35 Partnerships
  • 300 Hours of Digital Content
  • 15 Studies Published
  • 11 Million Dollars Invested
  • 100,000 Number of Youth Reached