Karnataka, South

Our work in Karnataka began over a decade ago. Since then, we have become a strong partner in the network of NGOs that work in the area of education and employability for young people.


In dealing with the challenges of this sector, we partner with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Government universities and other organisations working with men and women in the age group of 17 to 30.

As we set to expand our work in northern Karnataka in the coming months, we are intensifying our work with the Government and focusing further on career development and guidance for young people.

We are also exploring the issues women face when securing employment and the potential solutions they may use.

Vision 2020

The vision for Karnataka by the year 2020 is to impact 50,000 youth by partnering with 100 organisations across 30 districts in the state to help young people build critical 21st century skills to initiate their career journeys.

Our work is geared towards youth in the age group of 16 to 35, with a targeted focus towards young women and youth in northern Karnataka.

Need and Strategy

The aim is to create meaningful learning experiences across all MyQuest centres in the state through a mix of blended learning materials and strategies through:

  • Blended Learning – the use of digital lessons, outbound projects and industry exposure activities to create a blended learning environment and transform the traditional classroom
  • Focus on Trainers – capacity building of trainers and institutions and to advocate the blended learning approach throughout our centres
  • Continuous Support – engaging actively and continuously with trainers and institutes through online forums, visits, and other means
  • More Than a Job – a solid focus beyond jobs and on long-term career planning and development for students

Through these approaches, we aim to create engaging learning experiences for young learners. 


  • 10 Model VTIs and ITIs
  • 400 Facilitators Trained
  • 40,000 Youth Trained
  • 61% Youth In Work
  • 28 Districts


Thirumalpad Venugopal

Director - Finance, Administration & IT, Karnataka

Iffat Anjum

Senior Program Associate, Karnataka

Siddharth Bountra

General Manager - Industry Engagement, Karnataka

Rohan J

Training Coordinator, Karnataka

Vani Addaguduru

Program Coordinator MasterCoach, Karnataka

Aakash Sethi

Executive Director, Karnataka

Abhijeet Mehta

Associate Director, Karnataka

Ashutosh Tosaria

Senior Program Manager, Karnataka

Gauri Sanghi

Knowledge Manager, Karnataka

Neha Parti

Education Facilitator, Karnataka

Nikita Bengani

General Manager, Karnataka

Priyanthi Sylvia R

Operations Lead, Karnataka

R. Rajan

Chief Financial Officer, Karnataka

Shalini Menon

Program Manager MasterCoach, Karnataka

Vijayalakshmi Raja Iyer

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Manager, Karnataka

Vinay Kiran M.S

Visual Media Associate, Karnataka

Venkata Ramana Polumuri

Database Manager, Karnataka

Sushmitha Sridara

Manager Content and Training, Karnataka

Sinil Francis

State Coordinator, Karnataka

Sheik Rishvana Ummer PM

Training Support Associate, Karnataka

Nikhil Nambiar CM

Digital Literacy Facilitator, Karnataka

Matti Manjunath

My Code Facilitator, Karnataka

Mehul Kanodia

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Karnataka

G. Vijayavarma

IT Systems Manager, Karnataka

Carel Laina D’Souza

Employability Facilitator, Karnataka

Aravind Thunga

Grant and Procurement Manager, Karnataka

Aditi Kumar

MyCode Program Coordinator, Karnataka

Venkata Ramana B

Finance Officer, Karnataka

Sridhar V

Administrative Officer, Karnataka

Satish Mandal

Cook and Care Taker, Karnataka

Roopa KM

Office Manager, Karnataka

Ramesh Balu

Office Assistant, Karnataka

Rahul Alexander

Accounts Officer, Karnataka

Janardhana KV

Training Support Officer, Karnataka

Jagadish Rao Katkar

Program Operations Associate, Karnataka

Sonali Gupta

Employability Facilitator, Karnataka

Melvin Deepak S K

Training Support Associate, Karnataka

Manoj Puttur

Program Operations Manager, Karnataka

Kotresh HB

State Coordinator, Karnataka

Titiksha Shukla

Research Specialitst, Karnataka

Pallavi Rao

Program Coordinator Mastercoach, Karnataka

Ragini Lall

Learning Experience Associate, Karnataka


Digital Content Publisher, Karnataka

Narayanan Poomulli

Media Associate, Karnataka

Zaheera Vaz

Business Development Associate, Karnataka